6 Lessons We Must Learn From Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey undoubtedly left a large mark of devastation especially for the Texans. The trail of this historic natural disaster left a trail of houses in shambles, ruined livelihoods, lost lives and people having nowhere to go. Relief efforts were found to be scarce during the time of disaster, and the recovery process may be […]

Darren Pawski Qualification

Darren Pawski Qualification

Darren Pawski is the top man of Synergy Financial Services. He is the managing director responsible for supervising the whole operations and functions of the company particularly in finance and mortgage services. He safeguards the company‚Äôs vision in order that everything is implemented as well as yielded beneficial objectives to the clients. Darren earned his […]

Kimra Bettasso Shout Out

It’s not very often I decide to do a shout out for someone, but I decided to make the exception for a very dear friend of mine who has been nothing but good to me and those around her. I may have mentioned her before in previous posts, not that I’d remember, but she is […]