6 Lessons We Must Learn From Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey undoubtedly left a large mark of devastation especially for the Texans. The trail of this historic natural disaster left a trail of houses in shambles, ruined livelihoods, lost lives and people having nowhere to go.

Relief efforts were found to be scarce during the time of disaster, and the recovery process may be slow to some. People were still in shock as to why such events happened to them, at the time where it is most unexpected.

Coming from a history of historical devastating hurricanes such as Katrina, Irma and Sandy, we must have learned our lesson by now. However, some people may turn a blind eye on disaster preparedness. They may be thinking: “It won’t happen to me…” until it happens to them.

In this post, we will be discussing the 6 lessons we must learn from Hurricane Harvey.

6 Lessons We Must Learn From Hurricane Harvey

  1. Preparing with Relief Kits

One of the common difficulties in the aftermath of a disaster is the transportation of relief goods. This includes first aid, packaged food items, toiletries, clothing, and other relief items which may be necessary to survive a day during rescue efforts. The main problem during the Hurricane Harvey is the blockage of roads, people being inaccessible and the extent of damage in a such a large area that it was difficult to distribute items. It is better to have your own supply of these relief goods to be used during this difficult time. My Patriot Supply is a company which offers items needed for survival, including long-perishing food in convenient packages, toiletries, arranged kits and first aid tools.

  1. Insurance readiness

During a time of disaster, costs to rebuild your home or have some necessary repairs may be needed. It is important before any disaster to strike to take care of insurance documentation. Being insured with plans covering cars, or general catastrophe coverages may be helpful during this times. You may inquire with your trusted insurance company for plans that will fit your preferences and budget.

  1. Business protection and recovery

If you are someone who has a local business, it is important to have backup supplies, a list of trusted people for repairs, as well as damage insurances. During the time of hurricane Harvey, some members of the agricultural sector in Texas experienced damage with their crops. Some garden owners also suffered rebuilding their greenery. My Patriot Supply is offering disaster preparedness through seed vaults. These seed vaults protect various crops and plants which allow you to recover after the disaster.

  1. Investing in emergency appliances and tools

There are several appliances available in the market for survival and during emergencies. Including those are generators, battery-powered lights, and portable water filtration systems. My Patriot Supply offers a water filtration system called Alexapure Pro that can be used to filter regular tap to drinkable water. This is very useful in situations where purified water will not be accessible in the area of the disaster.

  1. Be aware of current events

It pays to know what is going on in your local area. Make sure to listen to TV advisories, radio stations and other local media outlets to see if there are specific evacuation instructions or other information provided to you and the residents in your area.

  1. Have a family strategy

It is important to discuss to your family the steps you should take in case a disaster strikes. Agreeing which place you should meet in case you will be apart during a hurricane or any other catastrophe, what the first steps you should take, and who to contact in case of emergency situations should all be relayed to all the members of your household.

When we take steps to be ready, we will prevent extreme consequences. In medicine and health, prevention is better than cure. When we apply the same logic in natural disasters, preparedness is better than recovery. It is better to prevent the damages than to have experienced the catastrophe and needing help to recover.