About Jody

Utah Wave

My name is Jody Rookstool, and there are few things I enjoy more than crafting and DIY projects. Ever since I was very young I have been intrigued by those who are able to create things by hand, and I was very surprised to learn that this was a skill that could be developed rather than a talent you had to be born with. I have found that helpfulness is a common characteristic among those who enjoy crafting, so I decided that it was time for me to give back to the community that has helped me so much by creating this website, where I hope to share all of the tips and techniques I have picked up over the years.

When I am not working on a craft or DIY project, I can most often be found spending time with my husband, David, and our wonderful children. We enjoy the outdoors and are always looking for new activities that allow us to enjoy all that nature has to offer. We hike a lot during the summer, and during the winter we are very fond of skiing. In fact, we are so fond of skiing that I do some seasonal work at one of the local ski resorts just for the lift passes.

Before I began crafting on a full-time basis, I worked in a lot of different industries. I always enjoyed working, but I always dreamed of the day that I could just work on crafts and DIY projects all day long. My very supportive husband suggested that rather than waiting to craft during my free time off from work, I should instead find a way to do crafting and DIY full-time. I thought about trying to start a little business on a part-time basis, but I quickly realized that I needed to focus all of my attention on this if I was to succeed. Thankfully, I did!

So now I spend my time doing what I love to do, and because I am solely in charge I get to choose when I work and when I do not. This gives me plenty of flexibility to spend all the time I want with my family, and I could not be happier for that. I enjoy crafts of all kinds, and I simply love learning new skills and trying new things. I hope to share all that I have learned with others through this site, and I truly believe that anyone is capable of creating all kinds of wonderful projects by hand.