Utah Adventure

You don’t normally equate Utah with adventure but I have changed my mind after a visit.  The National Parks are amazing and the Salt Flats are a must see.  The travel from South Dakota to Las Vegas was planned to just travel through Utah.  We stopped near Arches National Park for the night and decided […]

Why My Parents Named Me Jody

Even though my name is fairly common, the way my parents came up with my beautiful moniker is actually quite unusual. My parents had agreed that if they had a boy, they would name him “Joseph,” after my father’s favorite baseball player, Joe DiMaggio. If they had a girl, they decided that they would go […]

Explore Utah

Most people think of Mormons when Utah is mentioned but there is so much more.  My first visit to Utah was in a motor home and my goal was to get across it as quickly as possible.  We stopped north of Salt Lake and attempted to do a little golfing.  A hail storm cut our […]

Utah Adventures

I know that Utah bring to mind Salt Lake City and Mormons but there is so much more to it than that.  The national parks were the best I have seen.   Arches National Park was amazing.  It is not a park you can walk through.  It is so large you need to drive from […]

Utah RV Travel Tips

Having crossed Utah many times in an RV I would recommend you have a full tank as you cross.  The number od fuel stations are few and costly. The general landscape is flat and boring for the most part and you can make good time just driving straight through.  If you decide to stop the […]

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Why Utah

Utah is not the first place that come to mind when planning that vacation.  No Ocean views there and what to do with the kids?  I say I was pleasantly surprised on our visit to Utah.  The Great Salt Lake is pretty cool and the Salt Flats are something to see.  This part of the […]

Utah Salt Flats

Utah is home of the Bonneville Salt Flats.  This is where they test cars that break the speed records.  This is chosen as it has miles and miles of unobstructed flat land.  When you are approaching the sound barrier in a car you cant hit a pot hole.  The are of the Bonneville Salt Flats  is […]