Dana Sibilsky’s Utah Photography Portfolio Consistently Impresses

As any longtime follower of Dana Sibilsky’s photography work would understand, the announcement that came last summer that Ms. Sibilsky would be spending the year traveling through Utah’s National Parks was of significant interest. The nature photographer’s work has been featured in so many wonderful publications over the years and has been a major reason for the increasing calls for conservation of our nation’s parks, and the fact that she would be spending a full year in some of the most beautiful and picturesque landscapes in the nation was almost overwhelmingly exciting.

The anticipation of the release of Sibilsky’s Utah portfolio became so great that it was almost hard to imagine that her work could ever live up to the expectations of her seemingly rabid fanbase, but it is clear that she has not only met expectations, but has far exceeded them. The striking photography that Dana Sibilsky shot comes from varied locations during each season, meaning that her travel schedule must have been fairly intense judging by the breadth of her beautiful photography portfolio.

Dana Sibilsky has included shots from some of the most iconic landscapes in Utah, including Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, Arches National Park and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, along with so many others. While the majority of these locations are fairly well known among nature enthusiasts, the photographs capture each setting from a completely new and unique perspective. It is hard to imagine the lengths that Ms. Sibilsky must have gone to in order to achieve these new perspectives, but it is quite clear that her efforts were very much a worthwhile endeavor.

Perhaps the best development from the release of this Utah portfolio from Dana Sibilsky will be the renewed interest in her work that is sure to develop. While this yearlong enterprise generated a great deal of excitement from her core group of followers, the time spent working on the project also kept her work from the public eye for quite some time. These new photographs are sure to be seen over and over again in major publications and in those that have anything to do with Utah, so it would hardly be surprising to see Ms. Sibilsky’s portfolio become synonymous with the state and its vast park system.