How I Met My Husband

My husband David and I have been married for over 10 years now, and we have known each other for close to 15. I am a native of the Northeast, but David grew up right here in Utah and we both agree that there is no reason for us to ever live anyplace else. We certainly travel quite a bit, but we love the fact that Utah is our home and we always look forward to coming back to this wonderful state at the end of any trip we take together.

David and I are both avid skiers, but I had only just recently learned how to ski when I vacationed in Utah for the first time. When I got to the ski resort and saw how skilled everyone looked, I thought I could benefit from a lesson so I could refine my skills a bit and feel more confident going down the mountain. The instructor was very nice, but he told me that everything I had previously learned was wrong and I basically had to start over. Once I got the hang of these new methods, I was set loose on the mountain.

I went down one of the moderate slopes, and as I headed down I could feel myself reverting to my old habits. I tried to override the instinct to do what was familiar, but I soon found that my overthinking it had me running off course. I took a hard turn, and in doing so I overcorrected and severely sprained my ankle. The ski patrol had to come up to where I was and bring me down the mountain to get some medical attention.

After getting my ankle all wrapped up and attended to, I headed to the lodge to try to figure out how I would spend the rest of my ski vacation while not being able to ski. It was in the lodge that I met David, who had asked what happened and was happy to commiserate with me a bit by sharing stories of his own skiing disasters. I lamented the fact that I had only just started my vacation and had planned on skiing the whole time, and he offered to show me some of the other attractions Utah had to offer.

We ended up spending the rest of the week together and he even visited me in New York after I left. Just a few months later I was planning on moving to Utah so I could be closer to David, and everything has simply worked out perfectly ever since.