Investors Underground: Utah Investors Understand the Importance of Setting Accurate Expectations

Investors Underground is a day trading community with investors all over the United States, so the company has developed a keen understanding of how investors in different regions approach day trading and how they go about setting expectations in terms of the return on investment they hope to achieve. Since the time Investors Underground was founded in 2008, it has become increasingly clear that investors from the state of Utah tend to have a more nuanced understanding of setting expectations with regard to investment performance.

According to Investors Underground, many investors fail to fully consider market context when evaluating the performance of their investment. For example, an investor who purchases an annuity for around $200,000 might feel great about an increase in the annuity’s value to $300,000 over a period of five years beginning in 2010. From a superficial perspective, a 50 percent increase in value seems like a great return on investment, but Investors Underground believes in educating its community members on developing a more nuanced perspective.

In this example, the annuity’s 50 percent growth would pale in comparison to the return generated by a simple direct investment in the stock market, which grew at a rate just over 100 percent during that same five-year time period. Investors Underground preaches context in investing and believes investors across the US can learn from the expectation-setting practices of Utah residents.