Jared Londry Offers Insight on Commercial Real Estate Markets in Texas, Utah and the Carolinas

jared londry real estate statsEven though Jared Londry is a commercial real estate broker whose main professional focus remains primarily on the Carolinas, he is nonetheless an avid follower of commercial real estate markets all over the country. In recent months, Londry has taken a particular interest in the relative strength of the commercial real estate markets in both Texas and Utah, two states not typically associated with or compared to the Atlantic Coast states but still experiencing similar performance in terms of the sector in which Londry is a leading expert.

Londry, who has compiled an impressive track record in commercial real estate, earned high praise from industry peers stemming from his role in representing the seller during the $39.5-million transaction for three Kingsley Park office buildings in Fort Mill, South Carolina. Part of the reason for Londry’s exceptional accomplishments in the field of commercial real estate is his willingness to go above and beyond in studying market trends and analyzing each building’s inherent potential for generating income for the buyer.

This is part of the reason for his growing interest in the commercial real estate markets in both Texas and Utah, as it seems clear there is much to be gained from developing an understanding of the unique factors influencing the income-producing potential of the buildings being sold in each respective state. Texas in particular has seen some interesting growth recently, and several developers have been acquiring vast commercial real estate property assets due to each property’s clear potential for producing substantial income once properly developed.