Jody Rookstool A Few Reasons Why Utah Rocks

Being born and raised in Utah, I never thought much of how awesome my state was. I’m not sure if anyone really takes too much pride in their state, except Texans, but after doing a little research on what makes Utah so special, I discovered a few interesting bits of information that were enough to satisfy my curious mind.

Many of the locals know about Rainbow Bridge, but would dare to say that the majority don’t that Rainbow Bridge is the world’s largest natural-rock span. We all knew that it is nature-made and sculpted from solid sandstone,  It isn’t a real rainbow, obviously, but the 278 feet wide and 309 feet high structure has caught the attention of eyes and cameras for years.

Mountains are truly amazing whether you’re gazing at them, climbing them or standing atop of them. When you’re at the top of a mountain, there a “whoa” feeling you get as you look down on the rest of the Earth from atop the rocky skyscraper. We don’t get any snow on the land, but the average snowfall in the mountains near Salt Lake City is 500 inches. Let me put that into perspective for you with the help of my converter calculator. 500 inches is 41 feet, which is also 13.66 yards. Think about that. That is a lot of snow that I’m sure would impress Russia.

Now, I don’t mean to brag, but… Well, ok, I kind of do want to brag a little bit on the topic on mountains a little more. Did you know that mountain peaks in the state of Utah are the tallest in the entire US? The average elevation of the tallest peaks has been recorded at an impressive 11,222 ft.

Here’s something else to brag about. It appears that some of the smarter people of the United States come from Utah. Why do I say that? Only because Utah has the highest literacy rate in the country! That bit of information right there makes me smile coming from a place I thought was just desert dust and mountains. It seems we have the best education system in the nation.

If you live around Kanab, smile! You could be on TV! Unbeknownst to me, Kanab is a hot spot for shooting movies. It’s said that so many movies are filmed there, the city is called, “Hollywood’s little brother.” If you ever want to be in a movie, probably posing as a cactus, explore Kanab and you could find a production crew to let you in on the action.