My Book

61FMYPHxSXLI’ve always loved Texas and the more I explore the land, the more I find there is to love! In my book, “Top 12 Places to Visit in Texas,” I give what I believe to be the top 12 places everyone must visit to get the most out of Texas. This book is excellent for finding things to do and it serves as an irreplaceable necessity for travelers who are visiting the Great Lone Star State.

In this book, you’ll not only get the 12 top places to visit while in Texas, you’ll also get historic backgrounds as well as pictures of every place paired with an accurate description. Have you ever wanted to learn about the Alamo? Look no further! Every detail about the Alamo such as the dimensions of the legendary fortress, The Battle of the Alamo, visiting hours, tours and complete with professional photography to give the full experience as if you are right there are contained within these pages!

Maybe you are visiting Texas and you are looking for fun things to do. Why not take a trip to Space Center Houston or the Schlitterbahn Waterpark? Take a drive to the Dallas World Aquarium, but don’t forget to read up on it before you go!

You’ll learn about the 12 places that are alive and thriving with opportunity, possibility, optimism and memory creating activities to last a lifetime. Take a visit to any of these 12 places and embark on an adventure fit for all walks of life. This book serves also as a bucket-list guide to do within these 12 must see locations. It doesn’t matter if you’re born and raised in Texas or a visitor because this book will be your personal assistant to guide you as you discover over 100 things to do in 12 places that make Texas an absolute MUST to visit!

In this one State you have a world of opportunity because Texas is divided into several regions of amazing and beautiful landscapes. From the canyons to the beaches and from the peaceful flowing streams and lush hills to the diverse metropolis cities, there’s so much to see and so much to do no matter where you are. “Top 12 Places to Visit in Texas” is the ultimate guide for  tourist, hikers, the adventurist, camping, sightseeing and even the Texan locals can get so much from the book’s content.

Looking for ideas of things to do? Thumb through the table of contents for the answers to your questions.  Included is a section devoted purely for things to do in every one of the 12 places mentioned such as family activities, arts and culture, food, music and concerts, rodeos, shopping, sports and more. If you are visiting Texas looking for some of the best places to stay throughout your trip, don’t fret. My book also has you covered featuring housing and shelter options from hotels and resorts to cabins and camping grounds and included with the camp grounds is a map of the entire area. At a glance, you’ll learn about nearest bodies of water and where wildlife are to be found.

It’s no doubt about it, “Top 12 Places to Visit in Texas” is the ultimate tool is for texas travel, visiting and catalog of amazing places to see, great places to eat and fun things to do. It’s a book so densely packed full of facts and ideas, you just may have to make a few more visits to Texas just to be sure you have covered everything! So what are you waiting for? Pick up a copy of “Top 12 Places to Visit in Texas” and start your grand adventure!