Jody Rookstool's Texas Flag

Texas Is Becoming a Must-See Destination for Any Art Connoisseur

There are many things that are commonly associated with Texas, but most are surprised to learn that the Lone Star State is quickly becoming home to countless art communities. The state’s massive size and its penchant for hospitality has been drawing artists from many of the more traditional locales, with transplants from Greenwich Village to Venice Beach showing up to make Texas their new home. As a result, many Texas communities have adopted some bohemian traits and welcomed the artistic transformations with open arms.

These developments are not limited to one part of the state, as art communities seem to be popping up in every corner of Texas. Of these communities, perhaps none is more famous than the state’s capital. Austin is now home to the best live music scene in the United States and the art scene has followed in short order. With gallery showings, performance art and impromptu demonstrations, visitors and residents alike are frequently treated to countless and wonderful art experiences throughout their time in the city.

Of course, the art scene is not exclusive to Austin, and Jody Rookstool recently documented the many avant-garde communities that have found their way to West Texas towns like El Paso, Marfa and Amarillo. Massive installations are common in these desert plains towns, with Cadillac Ranch likely being the most recognizable. The lights of Marfa have led to the formation of a unique art community, and El Paso is home to many museums documenting the long art history of Texas.