“Top 12 Places to Visit in Texas” is Finally Here!

I’m excited to announce that the book “Top 12 Places to Visit in Texas” which I have been working on for countless amounts of time has finally made it out to the public and can be found on Amazon! This book will serve you as a guide around the Great Lone Star state that is Texas. With this book, I am confident any reader will be inspired to get up and venture out into the places I have mentioned and upon doing so, will discover or rediscover love for the jumbo state.

I challenge you, especially if you are a Texan local, to pick up this book and give it a good read through. My bet is that with the 12 places mentioned that I believe to be the best Texas has to offer, there will be no disagreeance. Over 3,000 people in Texas were surveyed and their reasoning and opinions, as well as my own, have gone into making this book as close to accurate as possible.

I know you’re curious, so wonder no more! “Top 12 Places to Visit in Texas is right here!