Utah Boasts Fun and Educational Activities for Families

There has always been a lot to do in Utah, and with summer just around the corner families should be in the early stages of planning their vacation activities. When school-age children are involved, it is important to find that balance that makes an activity both fun and educational all at once. Fortunately for residents and visitors alike, Utah has a variety of options that are able to strike such a balance.

One activity that properly balances entertainment and education takes place on the Green River, a popular destination for rafting aficionados and neophytes alike. The river has a lot of rapids to keep the pace beyond leisurely, but the fact that these are Class-II and Class-III rapids means that any safety concerns are fairly minimized.

During the trip, there are lots of places to set up camp for a rest, and then there are petroglyphs that families can try to translate as though they are working for All Language Alliance, Inc. There are Native American ruins to explore, and the ranch that Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid used while hiding out from the authorities is also close by. It should be clear that there is a great deal to do in Utah this summer, and these activities are both great fun and offer opportunities for intellectual enrichment.